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A story-based RPG, that revolves around Nanna, the weird fashioned girl from a modern world, that suddenly teleported into another dimension. This is her journey, her story, her development as a person, and also, as usual, a journey to save the world.

So, what's in this DEMO?

This demo contain Chapter 0, the story of Nanna, struggle to adapt into this new world, and character development of her. 

There is battle, leveling, crafting and stuff, usual RPG elements, but it's just an introduction to some of mechanics in game.


1. On Map Encounter.

There is no Random Encounter, all encounters are on map, so don't be afraid to explore!

2. Full Force Mode

Full Force mode is a mode where you can defeat enemy without going into battle! If you are in a hurry or just want to explore without worrying getting chased by enemy, you can activate this mode. But wait, there are downsides using this mode, first you only get a little bit of EXP instead of full from battle, and two, you can only get common items, no rare drops here, even then the chance of getting item is pretty low in this mode, so use it wisely!

3. Crafting

Yes, there is crafting in this game. Not fully developed yet, only 2 recipes for now, and surely will be added more.

4. Different Equipment = Different Skill!

In this game, there is only 3 slots of equipment, first is Weapon, second is Enhancer, and the last one is Accessory. Instead using so many equipment slots, we opt using only three, but make each equipments feel special by integrating unique bonus or skill into them.

5. Agniyapedia!

This feature is still in development. But you can see when you reached the World Map view. This mode lets player collect certain ammounts of information about a place, or area. If player managed to collect all of the information of an area, Agniyapedia will be unlocked, this give player access into quick Popup information scree, and more importantly, Permanent Area Buff, which can made exploration battle a bit easier, and furthermore, if said area has a treasure, player will be rewarded by a treasure Map to obtain rare loot!


We need feedback on things that can be improve on our game, so we can implement them while we also working onto the next phase of our game. We are a small team developer, but we are working very hard on delivering this game, so please support us by giving feedback, comment, rating, or simply share our game. So thanks to any of you who downloaded and played our game, your feedback is very important for us.



1. Nanna

Nanna, an orphanaged girl suddenly collapsed after a mysterious portal suddenly appeared near her. She then trapped in another world, when she regained consciousness, a creature appeared in front of her, and guided her through this unknown world in order to find away to get back into her real world.


2. Agniya

Agniya, incredibly strong magician with height complex. That's all you need to know!


she (or he?) is a traveler merchant. You can find him(or her?) on the middle of forest, somewhere, with his(or her?) bulky bag, waiting for you, patiently.

Install instructions


1. If the title screen is lagging, try to turn off FPS Synch from option.

2. You can play with joystick.

3. Don't forget to set your controller before entering new game

4. Sorry for bad grammar and english overall, we aren't native speaker

5. Thanks for playing!

6. Feel free to ask us!

7. We need your feedback, so please give us a feedback, rating, comments after playing our game, thank you!


Resonance Of The Soul 328 MB

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